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Pine Pollen Spagyric
Pine Pollen Spagyric
Pine Pollen Spagyric

Pine Pollen Spagyric

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Pine Pollen (Pinus massoniana) has a history of use at least 2,000 years old. Containing a wealth of vitamins, sterols, minerals, and bio-identical hormones, pine pollen can help to harmonize and boost hormonal wellbeing, which is essential for biological, emotional, and mental health. Low, ineffective, or out of balance hormones can contribute to low sexual energy, weight gain, prostate enlargement and hair loss (in males), low energy levels, mood swings, depression, mental fog & forgetfulness, cancers, and many other seemingly “unrelated” symptoms.

Pine pollen also contains DHEA, which is a master hormone precursor found in the body, turning into essential hormones such as testosterone, androgen, estrogen. Pine pollen is a helpful ally to help balance an over abundance of estrogen, common in males and females due to toxic environmental exposure to xenoestrogens, which mimic estrogen in the body, generating a host of health issues. Athletes also use pine pollen to help increase their athletic abilities, physical strength, endurance & stamina, and to increase & maintain healthy muscle mass.

Our Pine Pollen Spagyric is incredibly potent, made by extracting 2 kilos of pure wildcrafted cracked cell wall Mason Pine pollen, yielding only 1 liter of final preparation. Pine pollen is a tricky material to work with in such a high concentration as it is a very fine powder. The process is time consuming and labor intensive, but yielded a super special batch of incredibly potent medicine.

Our dosage remains a low 5-7 drops because of the level of concentration and efficacy of the spagyric process. Rather than being taken in water, Pine Pollen Spagyric should be taken directly in the mouth and held in the mouth for 30-60 seconds. This is because the hormone-supporting chemicals (phyto-androgens, testosterone, DHEA) are only absorbable through the lining of the mouth and will break down (become inactive) in the stomach. This preparation can be taken at any time of day, and is recommended before bed to get optimal hormonal support for muscle development, etc.

Traditional Uses*

  • supports hormonal balance in both sexes
  • supports sexual functioning
  • adaptogenic tonic, providing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • the only natural source of DHEA
  • longevity tonic herb

Esoteric Character

  • Planetary Ruler: Jupiter, Sun
  • Energetics: sweet
  • Meridians/Organs: liver, spleen, heart, lung

Plant Properties

  • Part used: pollen
  • Active constituents: phytosterols, flavonoids, poly and mono saccharides, polyphenols, DHEA
  • Properties: adaptogenic, tonic, astringent


Pinus massoniana [wildcrafted], organic cane spirits [95%], purified plant minerals

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free

For additional hormonal support, take with: Ashwagandha
For additional physical recovery support related to exercise, take with: Turmeric
Also included in our Pure Potential Elixir
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