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Antler Velvet Spagyric

Antler Velvet Spagyric

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Our first animalia offering, this Antler Velvet Spagyric is really something quite unique and powerful. We source our Deer Antler Velvet from one of the few USA-based Red Deer Farms offering humanely harvested antler.  Deer Antlers are the fastest growing, and only mammalian body part to regrow annually. During the Velvet stage of Antler growth, there are many different biological growth factors that are present, many of which can be desirable for use by humans.

We take care to use only cold processing methods, with low exposure to oxygen during extraction, to protect the active compounds that are sensitive, particularly the growth factors that Deer Antler Velvet is most often sought after for. This process, and packaging in Miron Glass, protects these compounds so you receive them intact, rather than denatured and biologically inactive.

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s stated uses for Deer Antler Velvet are vast, but mainly focus on the tonic, fortifying properties it has on the body. This translates into faster recovery from injury, from intense exercise, from illness, as well as hormonal balancing support, general vitality, fertility and virility. Many people in broader Western Culture know of the indications of use for Antler Velvet, mostly as a performance enhancing compound for sports, due to the IGF-1 and other hormonal compounds that can lead to an increase in muscle growth rates and size, as well as the notable improvement in sexual function that has made Antler Products very popular and somewhat infamous. Nourishing the blood, Antler Velvet can be helpful in aiding the body to deal with anemia, fatigue, lethargy, slow healing and general stagnation. Full of collagen supportive compounds, Antler Velvet can be helpful for skin and soft tissue health and wellness, as well as helping to aid the body in rebuilding, repairing, and lubricating joints. Our Antler Velvet Spagyric is a powerful addition of longevity and revitalization for your lifestyle.

Metaphysically, the Deer is a powerful, sensitive, and agile animal. Observing Deer in their natural environment, it’s apparent the power and grace they combine in moving through the world. Deer have an incredible sense of smell, greater than that of a bloodhound. Deer’s reaction time is incredibly fast, able to respond to threats in their environment with a nearly prescient nature. This heightened sense and powerful agility is what we are communing with on a deeper level when we work with a preparation like our Antler Velvet Spagyric. This can help us respond in a more instinctual way, and bounce back from the stresses of daily life with an added spring and a little more power. Whether you’re hoping to gain an edge in your physical training, or combating the psychological and emotional stresses of life in the modern world, Antler Velvet can help you walk with grace.

Traditional Uses*

  • tonic, fortifying and longevity properties
  • supports recovery from injury, intense exercise, and illness
  • hormonal balancing
  • supports vitality, fertility and virility
  • aids in healing anemia, fatigue, lethargy, and general stagnation
  • helpful for skin and soft tissue wellness
  • supports the body in rebuilding, repairing, and lubricating joints

Esoteric Character

  • Planetary Ruler: Jupiter, Sun, Mars
  • Element: Earth
  • Energetics: Warm, Sweet, Salty
  • Meridians/Organs: Kidney, Liver

Plant Properties
  • Parts Used: Humanely Harvested Whole Velvet Antler
  • Active Constituents: Hyaluronic acid, IGF-1, Testosterone, androgen, estradiol, ceramide, lecithin, cephalin, ganglioside, putrescine, pantocrine, sphingomyelin
  • Properties: Tonic, Immunomodulatory, anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-fatigue, nutritive, alterative, vulnerary, diuretic, anti-inflammatory

Cervus elaphus [cruelty free], organic cane spirits [95%], purified antler minerals
Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free
[this product is not Vegan]