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Goddess Provisions

Hello Goddess,

Thank you for visiting. We are so excited that you have received your Longevity Tonic spagyric elixir in your Goddess Provisions May Plant Allies Box!

Don't forget to enter your special code GODDESS2020 to get 33% off your entire order of more magical elixirs.

To see our entire selection of alchemical plant allies, click on "Products" above. We have a wide range of small-batch preparations with a wide variety of health benefits & esoteric applications.

If you want to know more about us and our products, click on "About", and read about our journey to plant alchemy, the processes our preparations undergo, and the intentions of Paragon Elixirs. We are always happy to answer your questions by email at paragonelixirs@gmail.com. Let us know how we can help you on your journey of plant discovery!

With all the plant love,

Justin & Maia