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What is a spagyric, and what does it do?

A Spagyric is an herbal preparation made using alchemical principals in a multiple-extraction process. We make small batches of both single-plant spagyrics, and original blends.

These preparations provide the opportunity for a deepened relationship with the plant, and may have many subtle as well as strong effects in the body, mind, and spirit, thus making them excellent tools to support other inner/outer works such as meditation, shadow work, inner alchemy, and works with Master Plants.

Herbs can be very physically beneficial, and many of the plants in our preparations have medicinal qualities as well as energetic qualities.

How does this relate to Alchemy?

Alchemy recognizes three philosophical principles which are common to everything in creation, be it material or immaterial (physical or non-physical). These are universal functions contained by all of existence.

Our spagyric preparations are produced based on the recognition of those three principles as they are expressed in the plant kingdom: mercury, sulfur, and salt. (Note: alchemical mercury is different from the mercury compound.) Our process involves the separation, purification, and recombining of these principles (also known as solve et coagula).

This approach makes the medicinal compounds more bioavailable, as well as capturing the essence of the plant's esoteric qualities. Spagyrics can be taken in a lesser dose than traditional extracted tinctures and also increase the duration of activity in the body.

What should I expect them to do?

Each plant has its own unique offerings for our systems, and based on our own individual chemistry. The effects you experience can range from subtle to stronger, based on many factors, such as your sensitivity to plants, your overall health, and the attention and intention with which you use these elixirs.

The herbs we use in our preparations can address a multitude of systemic imbalances and disharmonious patterns, helping us strike a balance with things like from sleep and dreaming, creativity and heart-opening, and lots more. Look to the individual product descriptions for specific information regarding how that plant can support you.

How do I decide which elixir to try first?

We recommend opening your experience with spagyrics intuitively. We aim to provide ample information in each product listing to help you discern if the product is right for you and your current needs, desires, and intentions for working with plants. We include both the Traditional Uses of the herbs and the "Esoteric Character", which speaks more to the energetic signature (or personality) of the plant.

You may be drawn to a plant that is already familiar to you, and this can be a great approach to working with "old friends" in a new way. Or, you may be inclined to try something new and unfamiliar. Both options are great ways to start working with spagyrics! Trust yourself to know what kind of support you are calling in from the plant world.

We always recommend researching new herbs before you take them, and generally we will include a warning in our description if there are concerns about contraindications, etc.

When, how often and how much should I take?

The recommended medicinal dosage for most of our preparations is 5-7 drops daily. This can be taken directly on the tongue (taste varies between plants & blends), in a cup of tea, or in a small amount of water. A stronger or more subtle approach may be implemented per your personal sensitivity. We do not recommend exceeding 10-14 drops at once. For best results, consistency is key.

The best time to take the elixirs depends on the plant you are taking, and will be described in the individual product descriptions. Generally, herbal or floral remedies can be taken any time, sleep and dreaming preparations should be taken before bed, and energizing elixirs can be taken early in the day.

See individual product descriptions for more specific recommendations.

Effects can last up to 72 hours.

How long will one bottle last?

A 10 ml bottle holds approximately 30 doses, and is about a month supply if taken daily.

Can I drop straight in my mouth, or into a drink?

Either, or both! The taste varies depending on the plant and can range from extreme bitterness to sweet and floral. Try your elixirs different ways by adding to your favorite hot beverage, sipping down in a bit of water, or pouring directly onto your tongue.

Can I mix different elixirs together?

Yes! We love to do this. Try new combinations of elixirs, especially in hot tea or bubbly beverages. If you come up with any amazing combos, make sure to let us know in an email (or better yet, share with your network on IG and tag @paragonelixirs)!

Where do you source your plants?

All of our plants are organic and fairly traded, and sourced from a handful of different herb and plant vendors.

We always aim to get as close to the source as possible, building relationships with plant cultivators. If you are an organic gardener or wildcrafter, send us an email - we would love to collaborate with you!

Are there any filler ingredients?

Our spagyrics are made without filler ingredients such as glycerine, which are commonly used to homogenize liquid supplements. We believe in an undiluted preparation which allows for more potency per bottle and fewer unnecessary extras in the body. As such, our elixirs can be shaken lightly to ensure a smooth consistency, and you only need a few drops for a full dose!

Are there any contraindications?

People with some medical conditions are not recommended to take certain kinds of herbs or preparations. We aim to include these details in our individual product descriptions, but if you are unsure, ask your medical provider. We are always available at paragonelixirs@gmail.com and we will do our best to help you determine if a product is right for you.

Can I take while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Some of our products are specifically not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. We suggest doing your own research and consulting your health care provider. If you are still unsure, feel free to drop us an email.

Did we answer your question? If not, please email us at paragonelixirs@gmail.com.