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Alchemy + Elixirs


Alchemy is central to the creation of our elixirs.

Alchemy relates to the sacred principles of transformation: separation, purification, and recombination. These three philosophical principles are common to everything in creation, be it material or immaterial. These are universal functions contained by all existence and are innately profound, spiritual, and magical.

Our elixirs are traditionally called Spagyrics.

Spagyrics are herbal preparations that contain the true essence of a plant's physical, spiritual and chemical properties. We offer both single-plant spagyrics and original blends. Spagyrics are produced based on the recognition of alchemy's three principles and their natural expressions in the plant kingdom: mercury, sulfur, and salt. This approach makes the medicinal compounds more bioavailable and captures the essence of the plant's esoteric qualities. Additionally, spagyrics can be taken in a lesser dose than traditional extracted tinctures and have an extended duration in the body.


"Alchemy at at its root is the transformation of the self."

Spagyrics provide the opportunity for a deepened relationship with the plant, and may have many subtle as well as strong effects in the body, mind, and spirit, thus making them excellent tools to support other inner/outer works such as meditation, shadow work, inner alchemy, and works with Master Plants.