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Meaning in Words


From the Greek parakonē, meaning to sharpen, the prefix para meaning “alongside” and akonē meaning “whetstone”. In Old Italian paragone, or "touchstone". A touchstone is a black stone that was used by metalworkers and merchants to judge the purity of gold and silver. The metal would be rubbed on the stone and the streak left would be used to judge its quality and purity.

A modern definition of paragon is a model of excellence or perfection. In its essence, the word paragon means a model, something used to deduce, to understand, and to sharpen. It is my understanding that wellness and healing come to fruition through changes made upon imbalanced modes of operation.

As above, so below.

From sub-cellular organelle functioning (and beyond, deeper “down“ into the micro), to the environment and habits of an organism (and beyond, further “up” into the macro) incoherency in any system causes dis-ease. The efficacy of true medicines are upon reforming the operations, conditions, and structuring of systems towards one of greater harmony and coherence. Introducing a new model for a system to emulate, balance, and utilize, can create lasting changes towards greater harmony.

Paragon was chosen to represent this idea; that by introducing a new model or pattern into a system, you can guide it towards greater levels of coherence.


Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Arabic al-iksīr, al meaning”the” and iksīr coming from Greek xērion, meaning "a powder for drying wounds".

A modern definition of elixir is a medicinal concoction or potion.

Elixir was chosen to pay homage to the Arabic and Greek Alchemical heritages. In our culture, we often think of an elixir as being some kind of liquid potion, imbued with magic, power, or at the very least, on the fringes of the esoteric. To me this word captures some of the essence of the natural state of wonder the dwells within us when we observe nature. This honors the understanding that there are more subtle layers to all things, that there is much more to the universe than what meets our limited senses.


From Ancient Greek σπάω spao "to draw out" and γείρω ageiro "to gather”.

Alchemy recognizes three philosophical principles which are common to everything in manifest creation, be it material and immaterial. These are universal functions contained by all of existence. Our spagyric preparations are produced based on the recognition of those principles as they are expressed in the plant kingdom: mercury, sulfur, and salt. The process involves the separation, purification, and recombining of these principles. This approach captures the totality of the plant, as well as making the medicinal compounds more bioavailable, requiring a lesser dose than extracted tinctures and increasing the duration of activity in the body. This whole-plant preparation provides the opportunity for a deepened relationship with the plant, and thus may have many subtle as well as strong effects in the body, mind, and spirit.

In short, Paragon Elixirs represents a medicinal model of harmonization and healing. We aim to support the lives of those who are drawn to these spagyric preparations, by working with plants whose properties bring greater coherence and wonder to us all.

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