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An Open Letter to Our Community: Enriching the Soil, Spirit & Soul

To our beautiful community,

We all do so much to nurture, nourish and heal our bodies. Through diet, movement, time in nature, relaxation, meditation, retreat, and tons of experimentation.

We explore our consciousness in a variety of big and powerful ways, gaining insights and experiencing intense “downloads”.

On a daily basis, inundated with the extreme and the mundane, how do we enrich the soil in the garden of our soul? What seeds are we planting deep within, beyond those aspects that we hope will help us to access material manifestation, success, achievement, fulfillment, and always more…?

How are we tending to the gardens in those deepest layers where self meets not-self…where the garden of dream, intuition and possibility either flourishes or stagnates without our attention?

Change is constant. Life fluctuates with the tides, seasons cycle, and the planet is in a transition that threatens all life. Our external realities will continue to shift as this process unfolds. The human-built systems at play would have us asleep, but we know that the world does not ask for us to hide away, to medicate and hibernate in an eternal winter of our own making.

Life on earth is still vast, wild, and inexplicably beautiful. The plants which emerge from the soil, season after season, with or without cultivation by human allies, speak the language of the earth. They each have a story to tell. In their own ways, they each have a contribution to make to the human psyche, and thus the work that we all offer in service to our home, and to the spirit of life that permeates all things.

The spagyric process is done in reverence and respect not only to the medicinal, physical healing benefits of those plants that call to us, but also to the spirit, the essence, of that plant which comes straight from the great womb of the earth, and which has messages to inform our systems as a whole. These humble voices of plant wisdom can help bring us into right relationship with ourselves, with our immediate environments, and with the larger interwoven environment within which we all walk and breathe.

Each and every plant serves a purpose. We know that plants tend to crop up where they are needed, perhaps through enriching or balancing the soil of a microcosm, or in providing a medicinal antidote to its neighboring defensive (toxic) counterpart, or by purifying air and providing oxygen. Plants grow and serve all manner of purposes, illustrating the brilliance of nature.

We believe that as the web of humanity interweaves itself around the globe, through modern and ancient technologies, so to are the plants able to present themselves as allies, healers, teachers, friends, beyond the scope of their natural environments. The network of farmers, gardeners, foragers, and wild crafters cultivate, collect, prepare, and share these plants. This allows the plant wisdom to be brought to a wider array of inner alchemists, and gardeners of the soul.

Our drive and purpose to share our plant preparations with a widening network of soul-gardeners, comes from this understanding: that by cultivating, deepening, and truly opening to the spirit realm of plant life, we can each come, with ever increasing clarity of vision and intention, into a fully informed, bountiful and harmonious relationship with all life. As seasons change, as our home planet shifts her relationship with us, so too can we be in sync with her wisdom.

As dreamers, artists, visionaries, healers, magicians, witches, each with our own full lives of mystery and mundanity, we have voices to make heard the voiceless life forms of Earth. By inviting the consciousness of those beings into ourselves, hosting these benevolent entities borne of the soil, we enrich our soul, the soil from which we are borne, we compost and we sprout - again and again - we emerge as one great abundant garden of humanity. In tune with the voices of the planet, charged with inner knowing, the only means by which true systemic change may ever occur.

The plants themselves will never do the work for us, but we believe that they will show us, guide us, teach us, and support every step we take to listen, heal, and grow, as individuals, and as the organism of humanity. This is the vision of Paragon Elixirs, and we thank you all for taking part.

Love, Maia & Justin

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  • This is such a beautiful peace of writing. Thank you for the gift of your words and your beautiful elixirs. Tx

    Tanya M Kazeminy

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