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About Us: Path of Alchemy

Maia & Justin

We are Justin (aka JZ), and Maia.

Our journey into alchemy has been a life-time's worth of stories, full of twists and turns. One of the earliest initiations we experienced was coming together in relationship at a very young age. Now, over 13 years into our conscious and intentional partnership, we will both say that this path is not to be chosen lightly. However, it is the many teachings we've received from within our container that have set us on the path we walk today.

Over the years we have worn many literal and metaphorical hats: as small-town circus arts teacher/performers, community members, traveling nomads, plant lovers, musicians, medicine-makers, birth workers, and the list goes on. Alchemy is the path, the transmutation and transformation from one form into another, learning ever more deeply that which is true, potent and rich within ourselves.

Maia & Justin in Peru

Paragon Elixirs was first birthed as the heart-child of JZ. His passion for making and working with plant medicines over many years, combined with a talent for bringing depth and potency into all of his work, have generated this new container which will continue to deepen and evolve, as does his personal r(evolution) on his walk through the alchemical arts.

Behind the scenes (screens), or up front championing these incredible offerings, is me, Maia. For many years I have traversed my internal terrain with much support from plant allies, learning and healing slowly as I go. When JZ first shared his newest plant preparations with me, I wasn't sure what to expect. Generally I haven't experienced much by way of sensation or results when taking plant tinctures. I understood the difference in potency and potentiality with the spagyrics, but was definitely not expecting the full-on transformation that occurred when I began working with them (especially cleavers! YAY cleavers!). From those first moments until now, I am a believer. These preparations work.

We are both humbled and overjoyed to be bringing this work to the world. We will be here every step of the way to teach, share, and support, as you and your loved ones explore and experience the tremendous benefits of these and future offerings. Bring us your questions, suggestions, requests, feedback and testimonials! We want to hear from you.

Maia & Justin above Lake Titicaca

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