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Theobroma cacao (Cacao)

Chocolate is known as the food of the gods, and for good reason. Cacao, the fundamental ingredient in the chocolate treats we consume today, is a potent food, with huge medicinal benefits, and a vibrant history of use. Held sacred by the Mayan peoples, this heart opening plant medicine has been used ceremonially for thousands of years. Cacao has an extremely high antioxidant content, protecting the body from the biggest factor in cellular degradation, oxidation. One of the most well studied compounds in cacao is theobromine, which is a potent alkaloid that can help increase blood flow to the brain.

Our cacao comes from Peru, and is of the criollo variety, generally held in high regard for its taste, quality, and efficacy, and valued as one of the highest grade cultivars of cacao theobroma. There is a spreading trend of cacao ceremony facilitation and ease of access to cacao powder and "beans" (which are actually the fully dried and fermented seeds of the cacao pod). The trend has introduced many people to the expansive and profound effects of a medicinal dose of this plant ally. Most individuals who experience ceremonial cacao express feelings of deepened love and gratitude, as well heightened physical and emotional sensations. However, some people have a hard time stomaching a “ceremonial dose” of cacao. In producing our Cacao Spagyric, we wanted to both pay respect to this plant which we love deeply, and co-create an offering that was potent, compact, easy to use and easier on the stomach, and simultaneously elevated and deepened by the Alchemical process.

Enjoy the heart opening effects of this beautiful plant in our Cacao Spagyric and as one of the ingredients in our Loving Heart Elixir. The sweet and elegant taste of our preparation is often a pleasant shock, and we recommend trying this beauty right on your tongue before sprucing up your teas and beverages at any time of day (remember it can be stimulating, so evening time is fine if you don't have troubles falling or staying asleep).

See our Cacao Spagyric here, and also in our Loving Heart Elixir here.

Planetary Ruler: Sun, Venus

Energetics: bitter, warming

Meridians/Organs: kidney, heart, spleen

Part used: seeds or "beans"

Active constituents: flavonoids (catechin, epicatechin, proanthocyanidins) alkaloids (theobromine), polyphenols, methylxanthine, biogenic amines

Properties: diuretic, antioxidant, vasodilator, cardiac, antitussive, nervine, stimulant

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