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Rosa damascena (Rose Bud)

Rose has a long history of use in the realms of the heart. Used as an aphrodisiac, and for its subtle heart opening and nervous system soothing effects, it is a timeless symbol of love. This medicine can be used to assist in the processing of grief and trauma, issues around self love and acceptance, and as a gentle relaxant. It’s our opinion that many of the issues that arise in our times are due to the lack of recognition, acceptance, and/or willingness to drop into our heart perception, this can be a powerful yet gentle tool to assist in reclaiming the power that lies in heart-centered living.

Rose bud

One reason we choose to use rose buds versus rose petals in our preparation is the delicate nature of the volatile compounds of the Rose, they are very sensitive to light and heat, and having the bud harvested before fully open ensures some of these compounds stay protectively enveloped within the petals. Energetically this is also symbolic of harvesting the stored potential of the blossoms ability to burst open with potential and expression, which is the intended effect of this medicine in the heart space. In some cultures, it is only appropriate to give rose buds as a sign of love, as fully opened roses have some cultural significance to death, owing in part to roses in full bloom not lasting very long.

dried rose buds

Our Rose Bud Spagyric provides the deep and rich floral taste and aroma of fresh roses. Taken directly on the tongue, Rose Bud evokes a sensation of blossoms spilling from one's mouth. For a loving internal hug, add Rose Bud to hot tea.

Share freely with those you love for a gentle yet profound feeling of connection.

Rose Bud Spagyric

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Element: Water

Energetics: sweet, slightly bitter, warm

Meridians/Organs: liver, spleen

Parts used: buds, petals

Active constituents: citronellol, geraniol nerol, eugenol, damascenone, linalool, L-p-menthene, cyanin, gallic acid, beta-carotene

Properties: carminative, stimulant, emmenagogue

See our Rose Bud Spagyric here.


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