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Pinus massoniana (Pine Pollen)

The pollen from the Pine tree has a history of use at least 2,000 years old. Containing a wealth of vitamins, sterols, minerals, and bio-identical hormones, pine pollen can help to harmonize, and boost your hormonal wellbeing. Hormonal wellbeing is essential for biological, emotional, and mental health. Low, ineffective, or out of balance hormones can contribute to low sexual energy, weight gain, prostate enlargement and hair loss (in men), low energy levels, mood swings, depression, mental fog and forgetfulness, various types of cancers, and many other seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Pine pollinating

Most of the available research on pine pollen supplementation points to the male benefits, due to its testosterone enhancing properties, and specifically for use in aging males, as testosterone production tends to decline as men age and this can exacerbate many health conditions. Pine pollen also contains DHEA, which is a sort of master hormone precursor found in the body, being able to be turned into many of the hormones needed for proper health, such as testosterone, androgen, estrogen. While pine pollen can certainly benefit most men, everyone’s body is different and both sexes use DHEA, testosterone, and estrogen as well as many other hormones, in varying amounts, differing between each individual, based on their environmental situations, diet, and genetics.

We as humans living in a modernized world are exposed to quite a bit of Xenoestrogens, which mimic estrogen in the body. These Xenoestrogens come into our bodies thru our food and environment, through the overuse of plastics and plasticizers, factory farmed animal proteins, industrial agriculture (herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides) contaminated tap water, overuse of pharmaceuticals, and pollution. This abundance of estrogenic compounds in our environment and foods can lead to estrogen dominance symptoms in both men and women. The pollen from Pinus massoniana is one truly helpful ally to help balance this over abundance of estrogen that we may be exposed to in our lives. Beyond the balancing effect, many athletes use pine pollen and pine pollen supplements to help increase their athletic abilities, to increase their physical strength, endurance and stamina, and to help increase and maintain healthy muscle mass.

Pine pollen

Our Pine Pollen Spagyric is incredibly potent, with 2 kilos of pure cracked cell wall pollen from Pinus massoniana, yielding only 1L of our final preparation. Pine pollen is a rather tricky material to work with in such a high concentration as it is an incredibly fine powder and tends to be difficult to separate from the alcohol. We opted to use vacuum filtration to separate as much of the pollen from the alcohol as possible. This process is time consuming and labor intensive, but yielded a super special batch of incredibly potent medicine. The color is absolutely gorgeous, a deep amber that darkened and developed further with the addition of the salts (the purified soluble minerals of our calcined marc, or spent plant material).

Our dosage remains a low 5-7 drops because of the level of concentration and efficacy of the spagyric process. Rather than being taken in water, Pine Pollen Spagyric should be taken directly in the mouth and held in the mouth for 30-60 seconds. This is because the hormone-supporting chemicals (phyto-androgens, testosterone, DHEA) are only absorbable through the lining of the mouth and will break down in the stomach.

Pine Pollen Spagyric

See our Pine Pollen Spagyric here.

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter, Sun

Energetics: sweet

Meridians/Organs: liver, spleen, heart, lung

Part used: pollen

Active constituents: phytosterols, flavonoids, poly and mono saccharides, polyphenols, DHEA

Properties: adaptogenic, tonic, astringent


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