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Pfaffia paniculata (Suma)

Suma root is commonly referred to as Brazillian ginseng, and although it is not actually related to the ginseng plant, it shares many of the same effects and qualities. Used throughout Central and South America, Suma has been used traditionally for many treatments and purposes, many of which have been validated through scientific study.

Much of the interest in suma root as a nutritional supplement have arisen from the properties it contains which effect the body in terms of hormone balancing & fortifying, stamina and endurance, and muscle gain in conjunction with strength-building workouts. It can even help the body heal from muscle injury or atrophy. Though not technically a stimulant, the high nutritional profile makes suma an energy booster, also helping to regulate blood sugar, and it is commonly used to enhance sexual and athletic energy and performance. Suma is profoundly effective in this regard, and also has a multitude of other benefits. 

Full of antioxidants, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, suma is effective in protecting the body from many kinds of damage and disease, as it fortifies the immune system. As a potent adaptogen and longevity herb, Suma supports the body’s adaptation to its environment and diminishes some of the effects of aging. It is also shown to be effective in slowing down tumor growth in some kinds of cancers, and in cancer prevention, including melanomas. Suma may also promote both estrogen and testosterone increases in males and females, enhancing fertility.

Among all of these many benefits, there is still more that Suma supports for healing and regeneration within the body. It is shown to reduce melanin production, which creates unwanted excess or uneven skin pigmentation such as under-eye circles and age spots, and also helps the skin heal more swiftly from other types of damage and disorder. Suma may protect the brain from damage due to accumulated free radicals, helping heal from alcohol damage and memory loss. It may also support other aspects of cognition such as learning and age-related memory loss. Suma can help fight pain, protect the liver and kidneys, help with digestion and heartburn, support the healing of symptoms of diabetes, and more!


Due to the the nature of the spagyric process, which extracts and purifies all elements and components of the plant material, our Suma Spagyric is an effective way to receive all of the medicinal benefits from the Suma root. Most alcohol-based tinctures will only extract the anti-cancer, hormonal and metabolic-supporting compounds, while our method also extracts the minerals and other compounds which provide the energizing, immune boosting and adaptogenic properties of the root. Add 5-7 drops of Suma Spagyric to your teas or smoothies to take in the host of benefits that this powerful plant ally can offer.

See our Suma Spagyric here.

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Element: Earth

Energetics: sweet, warm, acrid

Meridians/Organs: spleen, lung

Part used: root

Active constituents: nortiterpenoid, pfaffic acid, pfaffosides, sitosterol, stigmasterol, allantoin, germanium

Properties: chi tonic, nutritive, adaptogen, demulcent

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