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Gallium aparine (Cleavers)

Cleavers is a humble plant, commonly found in fields throughout North America and Europe. A climbing weed, it has hooked bristles and produces burred fruits which cling to animals to help aid in their seeds dispersal. Cleavers primarily affects the lymphatic system, and aids in the clearing of stagnancy. The lymphatic system is our inner ocean, it is tied to our creativity and flow. The lymphatic system has no pump, it requires our physical movement to move the fluids. Many of us in western society live a life that is more sedentary than we would like. It is all too common to find ourselves “stuck” in our situations, be it outmoded habits, work or relationships that are out of alignment, or mental patterns that no longer serve us. These can all come part and parcel of this sedentary lifestyle and can stifle our creativity, self expression, and our ability to flow with life and circumstance. Cleavers can be a powerful tool to help remove creative blockages, and to root out scenarios or relationships that are stuck and holding us back, be it substance, situation, or mental conditioning.


cleavers plant

Our Cleavers Spagyric is one of our personal daily favorites. Its support in clearing our channels for deeper and more authentic alignment has been unmatched. We recommend taking a full 5-7 drop dose daily, directly on the tongue or in water or tea. Watch as scenarios that don't serve you are "cleaved", and creative impulses flow! See our Cleavers Spagyric here.

Cleavers Spagyric

Planetary Ruler: Moon

Energetics: bitter, cool

Meridians/Organs: bladder, gall bladder

Part used: aerial portion

Active constituents: flavonoids, coumarins, tannins, iridoids glycosides (asperulosidic acid, 10-deacetylasperulosidic acid, asperuloside, monotropein, aucubin), alkaloids (caffeine), phenolic acids, sterols, fatty acids

Properties: diuretic, alterative, aperient

dried cleavers


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