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Dream Blend (Original Paragon Elixirs Blend)

Our Dream Blend Elixir is our first blend, designed to help you to reclaim your dream world. We all have an inner world we visit every evening. Some of us choose to connect deeply to our dream life, through various practices. Some of us wish to connect more deeply with our dreams, to access better recall, enhance vividness, perhaps even to achieve lucidity (the experience of consciously knowing you are dreaming while remaining within the dream).

There are many methods for achieving this deepened connection with our dreams. Dream journaling, mnemonic induction, "wake back to bed", reality testing during our waking life, and many other techniques and rituals. There are also various devices, supplements, herbs for supporting this desire.

Maia & I have both tried many of these techniques, rituals, and herbs throughout our own personal dream explorations. From childhood, we were both intrigued by our dream lives, and beginning in our teens, often achieving lucidity. Our experimentation with dream herbs, and a desire to go deeper with the aid of plants, was a large part of our inspiration to create Paragon Elixirs, to produce highly potent dream herb preparations and mixtures.

The herbs we choose for our global Dream Blend were chosen based on their histories of use, their individual essences and ways they support our induction into the dream world, and their combined efficacy. We wanted to prepare our plants in the most concentrated way that we could, and collaborate with these plants to create a convenient key for you to use in your own doorway to the dream world.

Dream Blend plants

Blue Lotus comes into play to aid in quieting the mind and relaxing the nervous system to lean in towards the dream portal.
Mugwort comes in with a whisper of the mystic, bringing a calm sedation and increasing our vividness in dream time.
Xhosa Dream Root bears the gift of connection to and with our ancestors, initiating a conversation with our bloodline and homelands through dreaming.
Calea Zacatechichi brings the light we need for self awareness in our Dreamtime to help us become lucid and aware. This plant also aids in our ability to recall our dreams.
Entada Rheedii helps to increase our vividness and awareness while also helping to relax the body to fully receive the dream state.

Dream Blend dried plants

Our recommended way of taking this preparation is 5-7 drops in a shot of water or tea (not a full cup - it's very bitter), within 20-30 minutes of sleep. If you have other dream induction practices, use with intention in conjunction with those practices.

Dreaming quote from Toko-pa Turner

It's our hope and intention that through the reclamation, reconnection & deepening of each person's dream life, and subsequent dreamwork, that we will find ourselves surrounded by Dreamers: those who look to the messages of their subconscious for guidance on how to move through their lives. A world full of connected Dreamers is part of our vision for this human life which drives us.

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Dream Blend in Peru


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