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Crocus sattivus (Saffron)

The history of Saffron is vast, with more than 3,500 years of human cultivation and use that spans continents, cultures, and civilizations. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, owing that title to the fact that saffron as a spice comes from the stigma of a specific Crocus flower, and each flower only produces three stigmas. The harvesting process is painstakingly done by hand, harvesting each flower and delicately separating these “threads” of what we know as the spice saffron.

With such a long history of use, there comes varied stories of saffron’s allure and hold over the peoples that have used it throughout different eras and regions. Cleopatra was said to have bathed in a bath of saffron and mares milk before seeing a suitor, it has been used as a dye to denote the status of royalty, of monks, to gloss the lips of Minoan women, to decorate the manuscripts of medieval monks, the list goes on and on. Saffron has been most sought after, not for its beauty, rarity and price, but for its near magically attributed healing properties. Saffron has been historically used to treat hundreds of ailments, ranging from depression and heartache, to vision and memory concerns. Saffron was even used and prescribed during the bubonic plague as a hopeful remedy and treatment.

This significant medicinal works to revitalize the blood and manage and reduce inflammatory responses in the body. Helping to address menstrual pain and regulation, menopausal symptoms, impotence, infertility, asthma, coughs, and stimulating the circulatory system, as well as protecting the liver and spleen, saffron’s healing capabilities seem to touch upon and affect many of our bodies systems. Saffron is also shown to be helpful in mitigating the effects of Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, macular degeneration, and other neurological disorders.

The many medicinal benefits of saffron are often overlooked and unavailable when it is used commonly as a food additive. The medicinal dosages for this herb are just not often approached at the level that it is included in flavoring or coloring meals. Having a potentized, concentrated, full spectrum spagyric elixir is a great way to integrate Saffron’s healing and uplifting energy into your life in a convenient and easy way. Energetically, Saffron helps to brighten the spirit and lift the fog, often utilized as an anxiolytic (anxiety relieving) and antidepressant, we find it's quite effective at bringing an energy of love, warmth, and contentment with regular use.

Our Saffron Spagyric is a beautiful and fragrant preparation, which can be added to any beverage, any time of day. We personally find the energy and therapeutic benefits of Saffron to pair extremely well with our Frankincense Spagyric. Saffron is also included in our Loving Heart Elixir, alongside Cacao, Blue Lotus, Rose Bud, Vanilla, and Cinnamon.

See our Saffron Spagyric here.

Planetary Ruler: Sun

Element: Fire

Energetics: spicy, sweet, bitter, neutral

Meridians/Organs: spleen, heart, liver, kidney

Part used: stigma

Active constituents: picrocine, picrocrocin, safranal, zeaxanthin, lycopene, carotenes, crocin,

Properties: emmenagogue, stimulant, carminative, antispasmodic, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac, alterative, abortive, antidepressant, expectorant, analgesic, digestive, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

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