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Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort)


Mugwort has been long used as a medicinal plant ally in many parts of the world. Mugwort received its name from being a key component of fermented beverages (beer) before the wide use of hops, a folk name essentially describing an "herb for the cup". Its botanical Latin name refers to Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, fertility, and the wild forests.

Mugwort plant

The benefits of this plant ally are numerous. It is a digestive bitter and stimulant, helping to aid digestion and assimilation of food, as well as “digesting” our experiences in life. Mugwort helps regulate women’s menstrual cycles and reproductive health, easing cramping, regulating menstrual flow, helping to cultivate regularity in the cycle. It can also be especially beneficial to support the transition into menopause, easing the hormonal fluctuations which can cause discomfort.

Mugwort is the plant burned medicinally in the Eastern practice of moxibustion, or moxa, where the burning of the plant close to the skin is used to stimulate circulation and flow of Qi through the meridians. It is commonly used for smudging to clear and protect people, places, and things. It’s a potent onierogen, potentiating and enhancing our depth, clarity, vividness and recall in and of the dream realm, thus it is one of the herbs included in our Dream Blend. Mugwort also has a reputation for helping develop ones physic awareness and intuition.

dried mugwort

We recommend using our Mugwort Spagyric medicinally for digestive support, hormonal support and regulation, especially during menstruation or menopause, and for nighttime dreamwork. 5-7 drops daily by mouth or in a bit of water or tea. See our Mugwort Spagyric here, and in our Dream Blend here.

Mugwort Spagyric

Planetary Ruler: Moon

Energetics: bitter, acrid, warm

Meridians/Organs: spleen, liver, kidney

Part used: leaves

Active Constituents: essential oil, cineole, alpha and beta thujone, alpha pinene, borneol, phenols, beta sitosterol

Properties: emmenagogue, hemostatic, mild narcotic, bitter tonic, antispasmodic, onierogenic

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